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Adelaide is built on industry experience and a commitment to delivering innovative real estate products. 

We focus on providing real estate products and services tailored to an unrealized segment of the market.

Adelaide was established to develop boutique projects that offer residents the ability to live in more intimate communities at more diverse price points than traditional projects. This product is intended to be replicated which offers less risk to investors and streamlines the design and construction process.

We are also able to use our extensive experience to provide consulting residential development services. We strive to deliver exceptional service and be highly responsive to our client's needs. Our team is able to find creative solutions that differentiate our products and our customer's developments, while driving the project forward. 


William Elser


Mr. Elser formed Adelaide Real Estate in August 2018 when he identified a unique opportunity to fill a niche in the urban market by providing boutique multifamily projects that meet a broad spectrum of household incomes. He also wanted to use his expertise to provide advisory and residential development services.

Prior to this, Mr. Elser was a Managing Director and the head of urban multifamily development for the Southwest Region of Hines. He has been responsible or assisted on 11 projects totaling approximately 3,300 units and $1.2 billion in total capitalization. Mr. Elser was responsible for all phases of development from sourcing the site through disposition of the asset including the management of a 5 person development team.

The meaning behind Adelaide

Our company was named in remembrance of the founder’s first child, a daughter named Adelaide “Addy”, who passed away after a sudden pre-term birth. Our goal is to constantly honor her memory throughout our company in both a professional and personal capacity.

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We're always looking for new partners and clients who are interested in contributing to the urban fabric of a city.

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